Family Gaming Time

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Gaming is so much fun with the kids. My favorite Roblox game is “Work at a Pizza Place”, Aiden plays “Pokemon Brick Bronze” and Caleb loves “Zombie Rush”. What’s hilarious is that they teach me real strategies in those games! I didn’t think they would surpass me in games so young!

Target Tech Product Detail Page

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Last year, one of the huge initiatives I helped work on was redesigning the Product Detail page for Target Tech (formerly known as Target Mobile). A few of the design challenges were creating a place to display current promotions, designing for the “order online, pick up in store” experience, a couple icons and placement of the recycle CTA.

I designed a collapsible promo spot that rotates the offers when closed.

The store locator was also integrated, as well as the store selection flow.

It’s awesome to see our work integrated with the site!

Target Tech Samsung Galaxy S8 Promo

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Target is our mother company and sometimes asks us to help out with promos. I was super excited to work on this design, since it is a phone that I am looking forward to purchasing in the future. Super stoked when it went live with the Target weekly ad.

Car Sightings – German Edition

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I don’t carry a DSLR with me on the daily. My “go to” is my phone. Glad that an industrial designer had the stroke of genius to combine cameras with mobile phones. I haven’t gone to a car show in years. My car sightings are usually in the wild. That requires a keen eye, fast reaction and a trusty phone. I missed a few dope finds because of my super slow HTC One M9. I saw a new NSX driving around SF before it was officially released. By the time my phone was ready, it was a block away. Below are some of the parked cars I’ve seen in the past few months. Locations range from San Francisco, LA and Sweden.

Meeting Joe Montana

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It was a regular day. I just picked up Girl Scout Cookies from Cin (from my dealer Sky). While waiting for the light to turn green, I saw Joe in the distance, and shouted “Joe!”

I would have been happy with a wave. Then he did a light jog towards me and shook my hand. I was super stoked.

He said “Nice seeing you”

I said “Nice meeting you!

and we both said “take care”

He hopped into a Rover and We gave each other a thumbs up.

It was awesome meeting my favorite QB of all time. He was super cool and classy!

DIY Sid Phillips Costume

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This Halloween, I was going to reuse an old costume like Nick Fury or Ash. My team at work is coming as Disney Villains. Two days ago I was convinced to join the fun by being Sid from Toy Story, since I pretty much dress like him. It was too late to order a shirt online, so I had no choice but to make a shirt and find some braces.

Below are the steps to make the costume:

Draw the skull

Cut it out with an X-ACTO blade

Use an “oil based” paint marker to fill in the skull. The paint will bleed through. Be sure to place a piece of cardboard under the front of the shirt.

It takes a few layers for it to look more white. Wait for it to dry and reapply a few times

Finished skull shirt

Find some fake braces. Then get … Read More »

Coffee Break with Chad

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Every few months, Chad and I catch up over lunch. Our latest meet up was at Philz. We usually talk about life, art, inspiration and end up drawing on napkins.

This time, Chad surprised me with a dope 5 Panel. We used to carry his brand Soul Regiment at the Flagship Fatlace store. It’s awesome to see how it has evolved. It’s one of my favorite brands because of the clean designs and positivity.

Thanks Chad!

Unplanned Reunion at Fatlace Friday

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Friday nights I am usually at sparring practice. A few weeks ago, I skipped practice to attend Fatlace Friday. When I first arrived, it was packed with a lot of new faces. The usual suspects like Felix, Lorenze, Alex, Sara and Brian were there. I barely missed Mark since he was flying out to the PI. DJing was Ant One, who I saw years ago at the Mecca house spinning as a youngsta! It was a dope and mellow event. At the end, the old Fatlace crew showed up. What a cool surprise! I also saw my favorite e36 M3, Animal Styleee.


Mini QFO

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Scratching “on the go” has gone a long way. My current setup consists of a Vestax portable turntable, Raiden Fader and Butter Rug. The beats I rock to are: Thudrumble (Warflex D-Styles & Goldvoltron) apps or Super Duck Breaks track number 8. Favorite record is D-Styles, Gag Ball Breaks vs. STD Breaks Skipless. I love that you can drop the needle anywhere and land on a dope sample every time. No need to remember your favorite spots.

The portable scratch scene is dope. No need to invest in 1200s and a mixer to practice. The only thing that’s annoying is the “hypebeast” retail strategy. A lot of the records drop with “extremely limited quantity”. But if you just need “fresh” and “ahhh”. You can probably find that pretty easy.

The Dreaded Wall Splits

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Taekwondo is an excellent way to stay flexible. For the painful wall splits, all to need is a wall and gravity. This is probably the widest I’ve gone in more than 20 years… Thanks Master Jun! Now I can go for head shots! (Thanks Ate Lucy for the action shot)

Smash Brothers

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It was an honor to train with these guys. They will be shooting for a spot to represent the US at international tournaments.

I learned a lot just be watching them. Their movements are relaxed and lighting quick.

Things I need to work on:

Efficiency of defense
Skip back while kicking
Skip diagonal for a better angle
Block (away from body), kick

For offense
Think of the second kick
Loosen round house
Back kick on the half step
No step tornado (crazy)

Practice the cut kick to defend against back kick

Arden taught me a cool set a couple days ago
Tornado, 180 switch, back kick (K4)

Sparring With Champs

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Today was a special day to practice sparring. Two of Master Jun’s students are trying out for spots on the national team. Reymoor is the first seed and current national and state champ. Adrey is the California State champ in his weight class. Master Sonu (an international champ) and some of his students also were training.

While “moving” with Reymoor, he spotted a few things that I need to work on. He showed me an efficient block/kick defense, Tanis about lateral movement, kicking from different angles and loosening up my roundhouse.

After that I warmed up with Master Sonu. It sure didn’t feel like a warm up. He went all out aggressive while I was trying to evade. It was tough to counter his barrage of kicks.

I learned a lot from that. He said to kick quicker, no set up or … Read More »

Top Nine posts on Instagram

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Instagram hijacked my blogs, but here are the top 9 posts.

1: Took this when Moscone center was getting built. I hopped out of Mark’s bimmer and took the photo w/ a disposable camera.

2: Chris B’s wall

3: Caleb’s picture day

4: Watching Force Awakens w/ the fam

5: Caleb’s birthday

6: Swift Rock sticker written by East3, cut by Mark and the Fatlace staff… RIP Brian

7: Fist pose with the boys

8: The fellas at P’s house

9: Giants game w/ fam bam

Magical Cooking Pot

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While decorating the house for Christmas, Mara had the great idea to use the slow cooker. Only problem is, it makes the house smell like food. I suggested cooking outside. So I set up a table and extension cord. Mara prepared the chicken dish. She continued decorating the tree and said it was ready. I brought down the slow cooker, plugged it in and set it for 4 hours.

When I got upstairs Mara asked me if I brought down the pot by itself or with the cooker. I said "just the pot, doesn’t it magically cook things when you put food in it?"… Sheesh!

M8 broke, M9 replacement

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My trusty HTC One M8 started to malfunction. Lucky I had insurance. The replacement was an M9. I’m happy with the photo quality. Check out the trailing night shot of the Muni.

Cupcake Frosting Technique

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Mara made some strawberry cream cheese cupcakes from scratch. I frosted them and they looked like this. She said they looked like poo. 💩😐

Renee said me and Jerry have the exact same skills. Right on!

Robot Music

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Put together a CD full of "robot music" as the kids would call it. It’s composed of mixes from Blend Daddy, DJ Esposo, Scotty Fox and TDCamp.

TKD Notes

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hip flex for RH
Power from core
Hop with feet in "L"

RH, go in, crescent
Superman punch
RH, superman
Slide Spin hook
Arms up for quick jabs
Punch RH

Point toes
High knees
Relaxed with "cut it" snap

Family Fun at AT&T Park

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Watching a game is always a good time time. When I was a kid my dad would bring me and OJ to ballgames. Everyone has a blast. Aiden’s favorite parts were there game and Coke bottle slide. Caleb’s was “cotton candy”… Oh Caleb!

Back Rub emoji

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*nsfw* hot dad

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It’s 90 degrees, just took out the garbage… I walk back in the house, take off my shirt, throw it on a chair. I tell my wife, "I’m not trying to be sexy, just hot"

Twist One

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Back in ’95, Mark and I met Barry while he was painting with Dug on Market Street. He asked us, “do you write?” and when I said “yeah Reign”, he is the only one who ever said “r-e-i-g-n?”

Normally, people spell my name wrong, but he got it right. Twist said, “I see you up” and I said “yeah I see you up too”. This is when he was up on every corner of the city. Couldn’t miss his tags and throwies! Long gone are the days of seeing “dope” tags and throw ups all over the city (there are a few good writers that stick out though). He is still has one of the best hand styles in the business. True master of the craft!

Saw this while visiting NY

Let the TKD journey begin

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Starting up Tae Kwon Do with Aiden. I’m sore… Can’t do 20 pushups in a row and forms are confusing!

I learned the bullet much today. It’s a triple kick. The kicks and sparring that I have have seen so far are no joke!

Cool article about designers

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It’s tough to measure how great of a designer you are, but this article breaks it down. Where do you fit in?

View story at

OJ in Town

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Had a couple brewskis with the broski. Caught up on life and talked about branding.

Lunchtime Run

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Ran 2 miles during lunch. The landmarks were Pier 14 and AT&T Park. That’s about 1.1 miles according to Google Maps.

Instead of a continuous run, there was a lunch break at Primp Patio. I went with Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Ended the day with a smoothie. Banana, Strawbeerry, Mango and Grapes with Orange Juice.

M: Mouse Theme

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This week in Raevyn’s sticky note battle the letter M, Mouse theme and black and white. I missed the B/W part. Oops!

Finding the right Color Combo

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Found out what the light blue Ferrari color is called… It’s Avio Met. Painting this red would have been way too easy, decided to change it up.

Jennifer Lopez: Viva Móvil Facebook and Twitter

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I was stoked to work on the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s Viva Móvil brand. It was an intense project with a very short timeline. The team and I did the impossible and there were no problems at the launch. Phase 2 is underway and very excited to continue working with Viva Móvil.

Never thought I’d be designing something for JLo’s official FB! Was only up for a few days, but very cool.


This is the Viva Móvil FB page. Strong branding.


This graphic’s theme is “Future of Shopping”.


I also whipped out the Twitter branding.

Kids with their favorite friends

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Aiden and Caleb having fun with Scooby and Pekkle.

Nemesis Night Slide

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I used to think it was impossible to drift in GT5 but car setup is super important. It’s doable, but still tricky.

Here’s a photo of tandem with Jeff A. He got me into it by sending me a modded M Roadster and inviting me to Night Slide. Good times!

Digital Retouch and Mockups

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Retouch assets and design for homepage ad placements.

One of the challenges was to remove the play button from the image.

HTC Evo Design 4G Banner

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Party Invite

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Design for my baby’s 1st birthday party. It was a fun filled carnival themed event.

Aiden’s Car Show

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These Hot Wheels are show and go.

SF International Car Show

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The San Francisco International Auto Show happens every year and one of the few venues open at Thanksgiving. This year it included the San Francisco Auto Salon. Most of the car show looked like showroom, not many concepts. I was looking for a GTR for Aiden to check out, but Nissan sait it was in LA getting ready for another car show. The Nissan rep said “sorry there are no GTRs at this show. He didn’t know about Fatlace x Ben Sopra Godzilla.

The sections that were more exciting were Tuners Alley and the Auto Salon. Even though I’ve seen the two Fatlace beasts at the Paddock, it was cool to see them with other fixed up whips. Aiden was excited to see the Fatlace GTR. He really liked the wheels.

John (@vipstylecars) was kind enough to give me a sneak preview … Read More »

Sam’s Chowder House, Photos around Bart and Initial D Stage 5

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Last weekend, we took it easy and had dinner at Sam’s Chowder House. They are famous for Clam Chowder and the Lobster Roll. I tried the lobster roll last month. It was pretty good but a little dry. This time I ordered the Hawaiian Escolar and a cup of Chowder. Stella went perfect with the meal. The Escolar and chowder were pretty good, I’d recommend it.

After dinner we watched the sun dip and hung out at the beach for a few.

This Ferrari broke a lot of necks at the parking lot.

On the way to work I was a able to see the Alemany Burners. This is a shot of (part of) Estria and Bam, painted by Bam. Tough to get a clean shot on a moving train w/ an iPhone.

When I see a chance to Tilt Shift something, I’ll take … Read More »

Facebook Giveaway Graphics

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These graphics were designed for another contest targeting the college crowd. The social media team requested loud colors for the back to school themed contest. The fill in for “Giveaway” was created with airbrush in Photoshop. (Art Direction, Design)

Red Bull invades the streets

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The Chairman and writer talk with Bam

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For the last few months I’ve been going to Chairman Bao for baked or steamed buns. I usually order baked chicken, but Ainstown and Shayboogie said steamed was better with pork. They were right! Baked chicken is still my fave though. Not much of a pork dude.

I catch Mike Bam at the Chairman truck sometimes. First time I saw him he was rockin a Chairman shirt, and I thought he was one of the chairman crew for a split second, lol!

Another time, we were exchanging bombing mission stories. I mentioned that TWS changed up bay area style and influenced me. He said that they were just painting what they wanted, doing their thing. That’s dope, style evolution happened naturally.

Back in the vandal days, painting was about getting up and getting away. “Now it’s like a picnic.”

Sent from my iPhone

Read More »

Gangsta S13

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This video gets me hyped for drifting. Gonna see my S13 tomorrow. Bringing it home soon!

Gap Inc. Direct: Photo Studio Promo

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While working at the Gap Photo Studio, I collaborated with 3 photographers to create this promo. There was one photographer per brand (Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy). Faded in the background is the triangular building. (art direction / design / retouch)

Work it out

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This is the sandbag that I punch. I’m also doing pull ups, push. ups and dips. Planning to add shoulders and biceps to my custom workout. Not posting any of this on FB, IG or Twitter. No one needs to know. Just posting here to stay motivated and keep track of what I’m doing.

Beats by Dr. Dre: Contest Design

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Designed the graphics for LetsTalk’s Beats by Dre giveaway. It was strongly branded Beats style. I suggested the title and silly “Yolo” line, in order to connect closer with the target demographic.

With a piece of chalk

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Kids can break so good nowadays. This vid is beautiful and amazing. Moves and freezes are super clean.

Waimea before the great 808 Tsunami

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Shot this two years ago, a few days before the tsunami scare at Hawaii.

Ran into Chris on Bart

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I ran into Chris on the way home. He’s on the bottom right of the throwback basketball photo. We go way back!

Bay Bridge Down the Street

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Saw this yesterday while taking a walk.

W Hotel

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Micro site designed to for a W Hotel collab. The design was based on collateral from W Hotel.

(Art Direction, Design)


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Went to Z&Y for lunch the other day. It was a trek, but really worth it. There were 10 of us, and ordered 7 dishes. Total damage was 13 bucks each, including a tip. The food was pretty good. It’s a Zagat rated spot too. They are well known for spicy. What we ordered wasn’t super spicy, enough spice for flavor though. I recommend this place and will definitely be back!

New Look

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Updated the template, need to rebuild!

Independence Day at the Farm

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During the birthdate of our country, the fam and I went to the country to visit a farm. It was a day of independence form urban life, smart phones and the computer.

Bye SR

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Goodbye to the motor of my dreams. On to another chapter.

Tree Trimming

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Listened to Misfits and Ramones earlier today. Later put up the tree with help from fam.


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Saw this sign at a Tae Kwon Do school. It says two things that are misleading. BJJ is not the most effective form of self defense and it doesn’t work on multiple opponents.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to learn how to roll and a few locks. A lot of my friends train in BJJ and I totally respect it. I just think the Tae Kwon Do school shouldn’t give people false information to gain new students.

The most effective form of martial arts depends on the practitioner. You can’t say one style is best.

Americano x Pastry

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Had a super hot Americano with a Chocolate/Cinnamon pastry

Fast Forward at 1:AM Art Gallery

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It is an exciting time for the graffiti scene. Walls are being taken down and boundaries are being pushed beyond their limits… This evolution is fusing old with new school, graffiti with fine art. An innovative and fresh art form is emerging that has collectors and fans asking for more.

1AM and curator, Mike Tyau, presented “Fast Forward”, a group exhibition that captured the progressive evolution of spray can art. The collection included works from Jaybo Monk from Germany, Suiko from Japan, Sueme from Canada and Poesia, Robz, and Bam from the Bay Area. In the past year, 1AM has showcased graffiti’s roots with the exhibition “The Classics” and present form with “Outside In”. “Fast Forward” is a journey into the future and an imagining of what graffiti as an art form can and will be. Immersed in the experimental, this … Read More »

Celia’s and beer

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Had a carne asada burrito and racer 5. Celia’s take out sucks. Check your order before leaving.

Destroy and Rebuild

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Starting a new site to showcase some of my work and document things I like.

On the Daily

Things that I think are worth writing about. Instagram hijacked my blogging!

Family Gaming Time

Gaming is so much fun with the kids. My favorite Roblox game is “Work at a Pizza Place”, Aiden plays “Pokemon Brick Bronze” and...

Target Tech Product Detail Page

Last year, one of the huge initiatives I helped work on was redesigning the Product Detail page for Target Tech (formerly known as Target...

Target Tech Samsung Galaxy S8 Promo

Target is our mother company and sometimes asks us to help out with promos. I was super excited to work on this design, since...